Photograph by Grace Cockrell Photo Co.

Candidly Queer

Candidly Queer

The story of a photographer

Hey everyone! Mason here! 25 years young and located in Atlanta, Ga where I live with my two partners, Tony and Andrew, and our three Sphinx cats, Solembum, Almaz, and Mochi! I graduated with a Bachelors in Theater Production with a minor in Photography at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I love photography because I believe photography takes those moments that fly by us in life and make them permanent and even tangible.

When it comes to photography I feel like I do a little bit of everything but my true love would be Queer portraiture. Whether that portraiture is on film or digital, or falls into the category of business headshots, weddings, couples photos, or live performance photos at a local drag show; I love capturing the lives of Queer people. I believe in being Candidly Queer in all I do, and in all I photograph. I was even voted Atlanta’s Favorite Queer Visual Artist for 2023 at Wussy Mag’s Peachies Awards!

I love all aspects of photography and feel confident that I can work with you and deliver anything you could ask of me!

Check out some of my blog posts below to get to know more about me, my photography, and what I've been up to!

Me and my kitties shot on Cinestill 400D 35mm film! Almaz is on the left, Solembum is on the right.